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Broadcast Camera Side Plate

A supplier of telecommunications equipment needed to convert an existing video camera with a recording-to-tape module into one that could transmit to a nearby receiver.

The camera was a Sony HDC1500. With the side cover removed, using our coordinate measuring machine, we plotted points from the side of the camera and using that data a model was created (using Solidworks) of a replacement cover, with industry standard ‘V’ location complete with spring loaded latches for battery and transmitter.

This was then printed on our Dimension 3D printer, even though the side plate was beyond its capacity.  We did this using Solidworks, first cutting the part in half and adding the tenon and socket features, so the side plate could then be printed in two halves and glued together. The sideplate was fitted to the camera with the spring loaded latches in situ.

The customer was then able to attach the battery and transmitter units and confirm positions for both accessibility and balance. The side cover was manufactured in aluminium and coated in a Teflon-based finish.

A similar modification was subsequently carried out on a Hitachi camera. This ingenuity and attention to detail sums up Copsey’s commitment to client service.

Broadcast Camera Product
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