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How We Make It

5 Axis

Our 5 axis machining centres are supported with Four Hypermill CAM systems.

Mazak VX500-2 (2 machines)

Capacity: A +120 -30′ table x510 y510 z460 52m/min spindle speed 12000rpm

OKK VP600 5-Axis

Capacity: Travels A Axis: -105 to +15 degrees, Table Size: 610mm square pallet, 48 metre rapid traverse. Spindle Speed: 12,000 rpm, Spindle Power up to 30HP

Mazak i600

Capacity: Travel (x,y,z) 510 x 910 x 510mm, A-axis, -120′ + 30′ C360′

YouTube click here

Mazak VTC 800/30 SR

Capacity: Travel (x,y,z) 3000 x 800 x 720mm. RPM 18,000

5 Axis
CNC Lathe

CNC Lathes

QT 8

Chuck 10″ 6,000rpm

Nexus 100

Chuck 6″ 6,000rpm

250 M

Chuck 10″ 4,000rpm

250 MY

Chuck 10″ 4,000rpm HS-driven tooling

300 MY

Chuck 12″ 3,500rpm

350 MY

Chuck 12″ 3,300rpm

Biglia B658YS

With sub spindle

CNC Vertical

Mazak V-515N

Capacity: Travel (x,y,z) 1050x510x560mm, table size 1300x550mm. 6,000rpm

Mazak FJV-25

Capacity: Travel (x,y,z) 1020x510x460mm, table size 1200x550mm. 12,000rpm

Hurco VM1 (2 machines)

Mazak 410 iiA

Capacity: Travel (x,y,z) 22″x16″x20″. 12,000rpm 36 m/min

CNC Vertical
CNC Vertical


Other machines and software include:

Solidworks design software

Two seats.

Hypermill CAM software

Four seats.

Gravograph IS400 Volume CNC Engraver

Engraves on curved as well as flat components.  Capacity: 305x210mm engraving area, max 400mm spindle travel. Connected to a computer which gives the facility for importing logos &  artwork etc.

Dimension SST1200 Rapid Prototyping 3D Printer

Enables the customer to see and feel the product in the early design stages, often reducing the lead time of prototype parts. uses ABS (acrynitrile butadiene styrene) plastic, produces parts from STL files.

Behringer hbh 260A Automatic Bandsaw

Capacity: 10” diameter

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